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All purchases made through the web (DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L.) are subject to the conditions contained in the disclaimer. The General Conditions prevail over the Ordering Online.

All products and services are subject to the following conditions. By buying on this website, the following conditions are automatically accepted. Please read them carefully.

These conditions are fully agreed between the parties in relation to on-line transactions between DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. and its customers.

DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. It is empowered to unilaterally amend any and all of the obligations under these Terms without notice. Also it is able to restructure, modify or delete any information, service or content included on the Web, without notice.

A purchase is not final until it is accepted by DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. It reserves the right of admission and cancellation of any order and can return the amount paid by the customer and shall be exempt from any obligation.

The website does not require prior subscription for simple navigation, access or use the service in question. By contrast, for access to certain content and services, prior subscription and the corresponding registration as a user (hereinafter Registered User) will be required.



In accordance with the provisions above, DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. You reserve some of the services offered through the Portal to registered users of DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. by completing the appropriate form of user registration.

To shop online store DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. You must register in it. Your data will be saved and so future purchases will be faster. To register and purchase at the online store must go to the "Register" section in the user section. If you are already registered to buy at the online store and you have forgotten your password should go to the "Register" section, press the option do you Password Forgot? and insert your e-mail and "recover" and immediately receive an email with your password.

As User agrees to select, use and maintain your username or "login" and password or "password" (hereinafter and so set the "Access Codes") in accordance with the provisions of the following clauses.

Assignment of the Access Keys

You have the option to choose and indicate their own Access Password. As a user you can not choose a username otherwise than being an e-mail valid, through which it will contact DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L.

Use and Custody

As User agrees to make a lawful and diligent use of the Access Code, and not to make available to third parties your Password. It undertakes to inform the Webmaster of DAS reliably DELUXE APPAREL S.L. at the earliest, the loss or theft of the Access Keys and any risk of access to them by a third.

The password can only be used by users to which it is assigned. DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. It is released from any liability that may accrue for damages caused or suffered by the misuse or lack of diligence in the custody of the key use, access or lost breach of the provisions in these Terms.


At any time you may request removal as a registered user mail writing explaining the details of the user to terminate.


All products sold on this website are new and original manufacturer.

The information provided should not be considered at any time neither complete nor exhaustive because of the wide range of existing products and services in the sector. DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. meanwhile he will try to the best of its ability to constantly update the prices of products.

DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. It states that the product offered is usually correspond with photography and technical description. But it is exempt from liability for those cases where for technical or human error had mistakes or variations between photography, technical description and price. It was also revealed that the photographs are merely indicative and may be variations in what his physical appearance but without undermining the integrity and performance of the product ordered.

DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. is exempt from the content, information, opinions or comments spread through the web or liable for any use that the user of this information.



The product prices are in euros and include applicable taxes according to the Spanish legislation. In the final summary of the final or full purchase price of the same is shown, indicating the share price of the particular product and the share of taxes sum.

Based on its trade policy, DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. you can make final changes in the price either by loyalty, by purchasing products or relevance of certain organization and others who can provide DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. in due course. However, DAS will DELUXE APPAREL S.L. freely and voluntarily offer these discounts and / or rebates, whom he sees fit, and may not be required or requested at any time by the customer.

Prices include shipping. Prices are valid except typo. All sales are done with invoice. Products are available for sale until stock is consumed.

The prices shown may be revised and modified at any time by DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L.

After checking the payment we will proceed to delivery.



Once inside your account you will see your cart and then to press "Proceed to checkout" and enter the Shipping and Payment. This part should specify whether the order is sent to your address or to a different record, and then make the payment according to the method chosen. Once the payment is completed you will see the confirmation of registration request and immediately receive confirmation that your email.

The invoice will be issued, with data provided for it, once it is confirmed the order and payment received and managed it. You can get the bill in the following ways:

a) Download on your personal area.

b) Delivery to your email address.

c) Shipping with your order.

Credit card:

In order to provide greater security to owners of credit cards, a three-digit number called CSC serving as identification code to verify the physical presence of the card during transactions may be provided. This three-digit number printed on the back of your credit card (in the signature), immediately after the card number. In order to prevent fraudulent credit card transactions, DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. reserves the right to ask customers these digits of control before shipping the order.

The credit card fraud is a crime, and DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. will prosecute anyone making fraudulent transactions in our online store.

DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L. tracks every transaction and will use all means available by law to those who make fraudulent purchases are sanctioned by the authorities.


It is one of the most used by Internet credit card payments systems.

It is a completely secure transaction. Data entered at any time are displayed and stored by DAS DELUXE APPAREL S.L., since the whole process is done on the servers of Paypal. More information at